Teacher Tech Tips

COVID19 – Tips in the time of the virus

If you are struggling in this new online environment a bit, don’t be alarmed. You are so very much not alone. We’ve all been thrust into a new normal and it’s all right to take a few weeks to settle in and make yourself more aware of the tools available to you. If your workplace or your classrooms are now online, we have spied some resources for you that might help you become more comfortable with all of this technology.

First: Google’s Applied Digital Skills suite – For those who have never conducted a google chat or a Zoom meeting, or who don’t know how to attach a document to an email, keep a project calendar, or visit in a chatroom, this is your go-to place. This powerful set of tutorials takes users through all of the most common tasks in step-by-step video lessons, giving you time to pause and try the skill. Then it gives you practice sessions so you can actually store your new skill in your long-term memory. While you won’t be an international hacker by the time you’re done, you will be able to more confidently complete your necessary work, especially if you use your new skills right away.

Best Part: It’s free! Google is reaching out to provide users with the tools they need to survive and thrive in this new COVID environment.

For teachers—you probably have a go-to classroom management software package, but if you are still looking for one that you can customize, once again Google rides to the rescue with Google Classroom. This package helps instructors create and organize content, enables teachers to assess assignments, and makes communicating with students a breeze.

GED Testing Service –

For teachers, the GED Testing Service is conducting Tuesdays for Teachers, webinars available on-demand on topics related to teaching students working towards their GED. The latest one was entitled, “Working at a Distance—Helping Students Continue Their Progress Toward the GED Test During the Time of Social Distancing.” The site seeks to share best practices and resources for teaching and administrative teams. (insert link)

Don’t settle.

When we have change thrust upon us, we have a tendency to grab the first life raft (course platform software) and hang on for dear life, whether or not it’s the best fit. Continue to do what you do—assess the efficacy of your chosen communication process—and be sure it is meeting your students’ and your needs. Touch base with team members, class members, regularly to ask about their experiences so you can compile a comprehensive list of what you need, where the shortfall is. Then you can be a more educated consumer if you need to make a switch to something else.

According to elearningindustry.com, these are the top 15 Cloud-based Learning Management Systems:

  1. Adobe Captivate Prime (learning of all types, all times; fully flexible, free 30 day trial)
  2. Docebo (elearning, corporate training, anything, broad gamification, customizable)
  3. SAP Litmos LMS (elearning, international, customizable)
  4. LearnUpon LMS (elearning for businesses)
  5. Asentia LMS (corporate training)
  6. Mindflash (employee training)
  7. iSpring Learn (employee training)
  8. TalentLMS (elearning, blended learning)
  9. Looop (internal employee training, compliance)
  10. 360Learning Engagement Platform (internal, companies, international)
  11. Coassemble (small business)
  12. CoreAchieve (internal for companies, external for customers)
  13. Skillcast LMS (companies, compliance)
  14. EduMe (companies, international)
  15. Agylia (not-for-profits, international)